International Women’s Day

I haven’t posted in a while but this kindof got me thinking….

Today is International Women’s Day and on the drive home from work they were talking about the women in their lives that has inspired an created an impact in their lives.

As people were talking about this I sat back and thought about my life and the women in them that had contributed to me in some aspect.

Mom: I have always been close to my mom, BUT since her stroke I’ve definitely gotten much closer. She is my best friend and I tell her everything. Yes she is still my mom so she can still lecture and give me motherly advise but through it all, she has always been my cheerleader. In the Asian culture, parents don’t show much emotions so its hard sometimes to feel that encouragement but I know that no matter what happens she will always be guiding me through my life and its obstacles. Since her stroke, she has always been very positive, she sees the good in everyone and always flips a negative into a positive. When I am having a tough day at work, she will know and come and try to cheer me up just by chit chatting or dancing or joking around. She has been through so much in her life and through it all she continues to put her family first, even with the stroke. She is my first thought when things get hard because if she can do it I most definitely can do it too. Thank you mom for always being by my side, cheering me on and helping me find my way when I feel lost in this world.

Girlfriends: As I’m getting older, I’ve realized how hard it is to keep in touch with your friends, so you tend to lose connection. However, I have a few close girlfriends that even if we don’t see each other that often I know whenever I message them and we get together its as if we were never apart. These girls have had an impact in my life growing up, especially in school. These girls have their own sets of personality and each one is different in their own ways. I know whenever I need them they will always be there for me. I thank you girls for always being my lifelines when I needed support, thank you for being the go to when I just need to rant, thank you for keeping me grounded and supporting me with my failures and successes. I can’t thank you enough for always being there in my life, can’t wait to share many more memories with you girlies.

Family girl cousins: I am the baby of my generation of cousins and with my cousins on my mothers side, it is 90% girls. I’ve always grown up to be the baby of the family and at times always looked up to them. Each one of them have followed their own career paths, have started a family or moved away to pursue growth opportunities. Each one of them have contributed to my life in some way. We don’t see each other that often and its not said much but thank you cousins for always being there and taking care of me 🙂

Colleagues: So I never thought I’d really include this in this post, but when I thought about it, I have a few colleagues that have truly become great friends. I’ve been with my company for 2 years now and the friendships I’ve developed with these ladies make work more bearable. Knowing that we are all on the same level, can discuss personal and work related topics had definitely brought us all closer. I have grown so much in my career and without the influences of the ladies at work I wouldn’t have learned to have a “voice”. They continue to inspire and motivate me and I am forever thankful.

Each one of these women has always been there for me, through my ups and down and have provided me with guidance and support throughout my life. I can not ask for a better lifeline support in my life and will forever be grateful. I do want to thank each and every one of you with all my heart. I am who I am because of all of you.

Stay strong, stay driven and stay motivated to make it count every day, no matter who it is that pushes you, encourages you and keeps you afloat, move forward and continue to grow and inspire! 🙂

Do you have someone special out there? If so, give them a call and simple say thank you 🙂


Exhausting Baking Week

Finally the week is over…I can’t believe how exhausted I got that at one point I fell ill and just needed some ME time to sleep.

On Monday, I went to work from 8am and stayed till 7:30pm to finish up deadlines, got home at 8pm and started prepping/baking for a bake sale event we were holding at my work on Wednesday. The original plan was to bake for our office, the money for the bake sale would go to the committee at work that is participating in the “ONE WALK to end cancer” so my office asked me if I could volunteer my time to make some items; so of course I said yes, however late Monday evening the committee contacted me and they decided to host the bake sale to our neighbours, there were 7 property buildings that a last minute newsletter was sent out too, so this created a huge stress ball for me because I had to triple my baking ideas.

Come Tuesday, I went to work from 8am to 5pm got home around 6pm and baked up a storm up until 1am, including packaging and pricing my items.

I ended up making:

  • Chocolate dipped pretzels sticks
  • Mini Sliders (vanilla cupcakes with brownie centres) with pound cake cut up into french fries
  • brownies bites
  • Ice cream cone cakes topped with buttercream
  • custom design cupcakes with random fondant toppers

20150823_224837 20150825_202420 20150825_223403 20150825_223408

So on Wednesday, I was helping to set up and host the event, we got a tent just to make sure if it did rain we were secure. We had created signs and happy to say we raised $370 dollars!! How fantastic is that!!! 🙂 Because I was so busy with the bake sale all day from 8am to 3pm, I didn’t finish work work till about 7pm. So when I got home, I wasn’t out of the clear for baking/decorating as I had a cake order for Thursday.

20150826_120626 20150826_114055 20150826_114040 20150826_113626

So Wednesday night, I worked on a custom cake order for my HR manager, she had requested a Montreal Habs logo cake for her significant other. So when I got home I worked on that until 1am.

Here is the final look below:


So Thursday I brought the cake in and she loved it (hope her boyfriend did too!). Anyways while at work I wasn’t feeling so great all day, I kept sneezing, blowing my nose, slight cough. When I got home, I tried my best to clean up and tidy things up because Monday-Wednesday I didn’t really have time to do much, after dinner I forced myself to go to bed early because my body was just exhausted, head was hurting and I was just done. So I went to bed around 10pm and slept straight till 7:30am. I woke up and felt a bit better but knew something was still lingering. Thank goodness i’m okay now, I think it really was just exhaustion that got the best of me.

So, the week is NOT over….Friday after I got home from work, I started baking again, as I had one more order Sunday. I had to make this cake a bit earlier because Saturday I had to attend a family wedding and knew I wouldn’t have any time to do it. So for this cake my friend had request hand pipped flower buds and cupcakes for her friends bridal shower. The colour theme was pink, purple and white. so I created an 8inch red velvet cake and covered it with white rose buds. Then I baked 24 chocolate cupcakes and coloured my icing with pink and purple.

Here it the final results:

20150830_112426 20150830_112738

So from the longggg week of non-stop baking, I can now take a break this week and not worry about any more baking orders. I need some downtime for myself to reorganize and clean up. I love how, everything at once always comes up, I find that’s how my life is alot. Some reason when I have a baking order I have another one randomly at the same time. I guess I’ve learned to balance things fairly well, but I also take on quite alot when I don’t have too. A downfall of mine I suppose? But hey…make every moment count right?

Keep on trekking 😉

City Chase Toronto

So Saturday Ray and I finally got to experience City Chase in Toronto. We signed up for this event back in end of February.


Basically you sign up in teams of 2 and run around the city looking for clues/checkpoints. Each check point you reach has an event or activity you must complete. There are a total of 20 and you must complete 10 (some are mandatory and others are optional) but of course when you get to the check point you don’t know what you are expected to do. You are given 6 hours to race with an all day pass so you can subway, street cars or bus. You are NOT allowed to rent a bike, take a taxi, drive your car or roller blade etc, all you only allowed to run/walk and metro around the city.  You are also only allowed to use your smartphone devices to locate the places you need to go after you’ve figured it out the clues for location.

It was definitely a fun experience, you meet up at the initial start line which started at 10am so we got there at 9:30am. They do a quick pumped up an have a mini workout session. Then there is someone introducing themselves and the event and providing the instructions, after the event they have an after party too. So in order to start the race the first clue was to get our clue sheet and the clue was  “the location of the after party” so once they said that everyone ran, it was crazy!! There are 600 teams and each team consist of 2 so a total of 1200 people racing/participating in this event.


So the clue sheet was harder than we had anticipated, they had puzzles, sign languages, binary codes, Latin and random things you had to search on your phone to figure out. We decided to sit down and figure out some of the clues and then group the areas together so we can do what was closest to each other.

The first location we went too we had to hold an animal. So I had to pick a marble from a random black bag with random gross things inside (BUT nothing alive, Thank goodness) so I picked a marble and then Ray had to hold the animal, so lucky for him he got a small snake!! ;p haha so he had to hold it for a few seconds. Some other people had to hold a large cobra, a tarantula and a gecko, i’m sure there was other animals in the boxes but I sure as hell didn’t want to stay and look. After you complete the task they stamp you and you are are off to your next chase point.

So the second location we ended up at a Goodlife, so one person had to ride the exercise bike and another had to fold an origami star. So I rode the bike and Ray folded the paper, haha I didn’t trust myself to be fast enough with that so I got an additional work out 😛

Third task we had to sing or name a song, this was kind of challenging as they played old school music. But eventually I was able to identify the song and sing it *phew*

Forth task was Roller Derby, there is a team out in Toronto so we had to push the skater up one of the laps and then pull them back down, so Ray and I each had to do it, this wasn’t too bad but it was a bit challenging going up the hill to push the girls, i’m only so light and when pushing they have their brakes down, i’m happy the girl didn’t fall right ontop of me, haha.

Fifth task we ended up at another Goodlife location and had to so 20 squats and 20 push ups each, this wasn’t to bad either, good thing I work out at home 😛

Sixth task we had ended up at  park and was told to cover ourselves up with a sheet and wrap it around like a toga, we can’t show any of our clothes and then we had to run a lap around the park pavement, this one wasn’t bad either just hot. haha

Seventh task, we got to do the hamster ball, there was a line up for this one. It was pretty fun, except!! Since i’m pretty light I kept falling and Ray would keep pushing so I was literally rolling around in a big bubble, when I did manage to get up and push with him it was pretty fun 😛 haha. We had to get in this ball and then roll ourselves around a guided grass line.

20150822_132829 20150822_132907

Eighth task, there was a memory table and we had to run back and forth to spot the differences on the table displayed, this was a little tricky.

Ninth task, we ended up in the distillery and had been given two truths and a lie, so someone was telling us facts about Toronto history and we would need to get at least one of them right.

Tenth task, still at the distillery we were given 6 photos of the distillery, all the photos were photo shopped and we had to run around and look for the differences spotted on the photo to the real thing.


After the final task/check point we ran to the finish line with 5 hours from when we started coming in as team 202 out of 600. Huge accomplishment, first off was able to keep up with Ray, we didn’t argue and  got 10 task done ( I was worried we wouldn’t get 10 done). It was quite exhausting, I found running up and climbing down the stairs for subways were the biggest challenge. But big advantage was that Ray is good with locations, so he was a great team mate to navigate.


The overall task, if I was faster and possibly ran faster we could have potentially gotten more done, but as a first timer not knowing what to expect, I feel it was an amazing experience, got to explore Toronto west end, central down town to east end. I’ve never been to the distillery area so an added bonus of that too. haha unfortunately didn’t get to do some of the challenges (looked online and some seemed fun) there was food one where you had to eat dog treats! Gross…haha

If you are interested you should definitely sign up next year! 🙂

This was a great activity to end off the summer and something I can cross off my bucket list 🙂

Most detailed cake i’ve made…

About a month ago my cousin had asked me to make a cake for her sisters bridal shower (my other cousin of course). I made sure I was able to do it for her. It originally was going to be a class room themed cake (she is a teacher) but then my cousin decided to go with a picnic inspired cake incorporating sunflowers in it.

My cousin’s wedding day, she is going to have sunflowers and so her sister wanted to stick with that theme.

When she changed it to picnic a bunch of ideas came to mind…. the usual ants at the picnic, the red and white table cloths, and the food! But how would I bring this to life and how would I make everything was the next problem.

So when I created the cake I thought of the different types of foods you’d bring and eat at a picnic. So at the beginning of the week I started to make little things everyday. I decided to make a two tiered cake, the bottom layer with fences with green background so sorta like grass, and the second layer was brown like the basket with the red and white table cloth over it and a bunch of food.

The cake inside is vanilla pound with fresh cut strawberries and butter cream icing. I over did it, as I made WAY to much little foods, but the good thing was, I made them super tiny so was able to fit everything on the top. Everything I made in the next few photos are from scratch and hand made, used toothpicks where needed but the rest was hand molded by me 🙂

20150815_112411 20150815_112425 20150815_112353

The second thing I made for her bridal shower were cupcakes, the bottom is sourcream poppy seed with oreo cookie pipped sunflowers. I made some royal icing, coloured it yellow and pipped the leaves on the side of the oreo cookies, I decided to use royal icing to ensure the icing would hold vs. using regular buttercream icing.


Here it the cake and the cupcakes together 🙂


I think I really outdid myself, usually when I bake/decorate i’m always like eh…its nice but i’ve never been this proud of my abilities, so im happy I am improving and that everyone enjoyed the cake! 🙂

Wishing my cousin Shellie all the best, i’m counting down with you for that special day! ❤

Random Weekend Adventures

It was a good weekend, for once didn’t have anything officially planned so could do spontaneous adventures :).

On Friday, went out for dinner with one of my girlfriends, its been so hard to catch up with her and whenever i’m free she is busy and vice versa. We met up at Moxies after work and caught up on stories, she was in two wedding parties this summer so she was extremely busy. She shared her pictures and stories, it was nice! 🙂 Then after I met up with Ray and we went to the mall and then chilled the rest of the night and watched the Jay’s Game at home, they have been doing great!

Saturday, Ray and I took my mom to one of our down town local parks, good thing it wasn’t to hot for her to walk. She got really tired quickly so we sat down and rested every now and then. I love that Ray is patient enough to come with us, he is always extremely careful when we do take my mom out. He tries his best to accommodate whenever he can which is so sweet! 🙂 She seemed to enjoy it, it was a different adventure then she usually walks and she hasn’t been to this park in a long time, so it was a good adventure for her. We walked through the flower garden which she really liked so it was good to be able to spend time with her and Ray together :). After we got home Ray and I had a BBQ at my house, we did it to elevate the work my dad would have to do to cook dinner, so we went out bought groceries, prepared the food and the rest is history (well more so in our tummies:P). After dinner, I went back to his place and had a Saturday date at Dave and Buster, played a few games and adventured for a late night snack at Wendys, finished it off with a crappy movie which I didn’t even finish cause I fell asleep, haha.

Sunday, we woke up and we couldn’t decide what to eat for lunch so we literally ended up going to the Taste of Danforth in Toronto. Totally spontaneous but it was such a nice day out! We got a Korean style taco, then we ate Chicken Soulaki, eventually bought Pork from another stand, we shared a chicken and waffle and I brought home Baklava for my parents and got a bunch of freebies along the way. We walked the whole way and then subway back to another location to get a greek yogurt, ahaha (basically whenever Ray and I adventure I always go…hmm i’ll come back cause I can never decide, so when we finished walking the whole street, he asked if I wanted anything else and literally all I was craving left was the yogurt, but the yogurt was at the very beginning of the event, so good thing we had a day pass so we subway two to three spots back to the beginning… got my yogurt and then left) hahaha! Another reason why I love him sometimes….the things he deals with when I am craving something or being ridiculolus! hahaha ❤

Here are some pictures I took below, it was hard to take photos cause the event was so busy and eatting with our hands it got sticky.

20150809_125259 20150809_130004 20150809_130919 20150809_132136

Anyways, rest of the night catch up on work and potentially start working on another cake order for this weekend!

Hope you all had a good weekend, summer is coming to an end…already 2nd week of August! EEPP

Girls Montreal Long Weekend

My bestfriend and I had spontaneously bought Mega Bus tickets back in March/April to go to Montreal. They were only $10 for travel with an additional $5 to reserve seats. So we made a decision to buy tickets and go during the civic long weekend. We decided to go now and bought early because we wanted to wait till she was done school and settled in after graduation. Also wanted it to be a summer mini weekend getaway that wasn’t to far or too expensive so this ended up being the perfect timing to do.

We left on Friday from Toronto to Montreal, it was a 5 hour bus ride, however there was traffic going up so we were delayed and hour so we ended up getting to Montreal around 6pm. The bus ride wasn’t too bad, we chatted of course napped and ate. What more can you really do on a bus ride? I guess if you don’t get motion sickness you could read or watch shows. But we didn’t do that…. First night we got there we went to our home. We rented off airbnb and the place we stayed in was really nice! It wasn’t in central Montreal downtown, it was closer to the Olympic stadium. We had Schwarts for Dinner and walked around the area. We called it an early night because we knew we had to get up early on Saturday, plus alot of things were closed already, extra bars and nightclubs or course. But we weren’t going for that stuff it was to be a super chill/relaxing weekend! 🙂

20150731_212143 20150731_204259 20150731_205110

So Saturday, we went to a breakfast place near where we were staying and had pancakes, online this location reviews raved about the pancakes but truthfully we weren’t impressed. The pancakes had a sour taste to it which was kindof strange.


After that we walked to the Olympic stadium, took pictures and also went to the botanical garden. It was really pretty and wasn’t to busy surprisingly so it was a great place to explore and take pictures!


20150801_101823 20150801_10055920150801_101205 20150801_11572020150801_104553 20150801_104624 20150801_105128 20150801_105156 20150801_105944 20150801_111158 20150801_111212 20150801_112543 20150801_11205420150801_113817

After we took the metro an spent quite a bit of time walking around down town and shopping in the Montreal Eaton Centre. We ended up walking around and ended up going to China town, Notre dame and walked around old Montreal. We talked about going to La Ronde to check out the fireworks, but decided since we had an early morning Sunday to return back to Toronto, we came back early and chilled.

20150801_174206 20150801_174854 20150801_175357

It was definitely a fun adventure, this was the first time I went on a weekend overnight stay with her so although we have known each other for quite some time, I feel like this trip has brought us closer.

It was so nice to spend time with her and be able to hangout outside of our homes and our local area. This is my second time going to Montreal and i’m sure there are really good hotspots but eh, I think i’ve had enough of Montreal and probably won’t be planning on going back again unless I really need too, haha

Its nice to be home, but sad that the weekend is over, back to the grind…

Hope you had a good weekend! 🙂

Yet another busy baking week…

Last week, I had three baking orders that I had to make, two for Friday and one for Saturday. So throughout the week, I was trying to plan accordingly to when i’d be making what. I found the most difficult to schedule in was baking time, especially because I knew when the orders had to be delivered but still needed to ensure that the final treat was fresh and not made weeks in advance.

Luckily though, the toppers I made can be made atleast 3 days in advance to let it sit and harden so each day after work and dinner i’d sit around work/design cupcake toppers.

The first cupcakes were for my co-worker; I had agreed with my manager in the beginning of the year, for our department specifically, i’d be responsible for making a little treat for that person on their birthday, so for this co-worker she handles alot of projects in our company in the automotive side. So it was quite fitting for me to create some cupcakes that catered to that. Her clients are Mini Coppers, Volkswagen and Audi. So I created the logos for each car and put them on top of freshly baked red velvet cupcakes.


It worked out perfect that the cake order I had was red velvet so I was able to focus on one cake versus having to bake several different types this week.

The second cupcakes were inspired by one of my good girlfriends, she had collect tsum tsum characters and I found out that she had the Winnie the Pooh set so I thought it would be a nice surprise to make her edible Winnie the Pooh and his friends tsum tsum. I originally wanted to bake her a cake, but I had planned to drop by her event Friday after work and was worried about it melting so I decided to make her cupcakes. These characters turned out super cute, good things I have small fingers was able to get the detailing on the characters body.

images PhotoGrid_1437865210146

Lastly, one of my family friends had asked me a month ago if I would be available to make this cake, she was throwing her friend a bridal shower and the theme was Japan/Japanese style anything. So we came up with a sushi inspired cake, she had requested Red Velvet and the cake to be turquoise but left the top up to me so I created a bunch of different sushi’s like the Tamago (egg sushi – my favourite), the salmon sushi and a bunch of other stuff. I had some extra cupcakes that I made her some additional individual sushi toppers and put them ontop of the cupcakes. When I have a specific theme to a cake i’d like to ensure the realism and idea comes to life so I also included the grass cut out you see on the dishes on the cake and of course wasabi and ginger :).

20150725_123537 20150725_123547 20150725_124014

Even though it has been a busy week, I truly enjoy baking and having a theme to the cakes/cupcakes that are being requested or just knowing people so well that I can try to incorporate an idea and bring it to life. Everything above was made from scratch, all hand cut and hand made by me 🙂 PLUS all edible!

What do you think of the cakes/cupcakes?